Gregory Hollow Tree
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Gregory Hollow Tree was asked to be a guest DJ for the Hilltown Family Variety Show and he did an hour on the history of folk music for families! Here’s a link to the archived show!

Here’s the playlist:
The Hollow Trees – “What Do You Want on Your Taco?” [Hello Friend!]
Stella Mahew – “I’m Looking for Something to Eat” [UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive]
Chubby Parker – “King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki-Me-O” [Anthology of American Folk Music (Edited by Harry Smith)]
Lake Howard – “Chewing Chewing Gum” [The Story That the Crow Told Me Vol. 2]
Cousin Emmy – ”Johnny Booker” [The Story That the Crow Told Me Vol. 1]
Phil Harris and His Orchestra – “The Thing” [Vintage Children’s Favourites]
Charles Penrose – “The Laughing Policeman” [Vintage Children’s Favourites]
Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards – “Singing in the Rain” [Singing in the Rain]
Hoosier Hot Shots – “From the Indies to the Andes in ,데일리그램 His Undies” [Everybody Stomp]
Burl Ives – “Tam Pierce” [The Wayfaring Stranger]
Woody Guthrie – “Riding in My Car” [Woody’s 20 Grow Big Songs]
Ed McCurdy – “The Old Woman and the Pig” [Children’s Songs – The Greatest Hits]
The Hollow Trees – “I Can’t Dance (I’ve Got Ants in My Pants” [Hello Friend!]
Richard Dyer-Bennet – “The Leprechaun” [With Young People in Mind]
Burl Ives – “The Goat” [Burl Ives Sings Little White Duck And Other Children’s Favorites]
Carole King – “One Was Johnny” [Really Rosie]
Tom T. Hall – “How Do You Talk to a Little Baby Goat [Country Songs for Children]
Raffi – “Apples and Bannanas” [One Light, One Sun]
Dan Zanes and Friends – “Smile Smile Smile” [Night Time!]
John Lithgow – “The Gnu Song” [Singin’ in the Bathtub]
Hullabaloo – “I Chew” [I Chew]
Lisa Loeb – “Linger” [Camp Lisa]
The Hollow Trees – “My Dog Has Fleas” [Hello Friend!]